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 PerkImBa / KIDS


Who can participate? 
* First- and second-level students.

How is it ORGANIZED?                                  
*Arts and crafts teachers can oversee the creation of the instruments, sound material and decoration.
*Music teachers work with rhythm and musical improvisation
*Physical education teachers are involved in the creative movement, physical dexterity, motricity and coordination.

*Social studies teachers can encourage collective participation and explore the importance in different cultures of rhythm and ritual celebration.
* Civics teachers can work with recycling and environmental consciousness through the creation of the musical instruments.
*Maths teachers can work with geometric forms and their use in space, with musical structures and different rhythmic signatures.

*And the other teachers…..

What FORMATS are offered?
* Firstly training for the center's teachers.
* Workshops with the participants. A Minimum of 3 Movement and Rhythm workshops with PerkImBa Cia. in small groups.
* A final rehearsal with EVERYONE in the place the SHOW will take place.















       The school courtyard, town center, outdoors
       to celebrate an event, a festive activity in the
       PerkImBa can adapt to any space, what is
       important is that it is somewhere to interact and
       the public is nearby.
       We build the stage with our colorful drums.

        What PROPS are used ?
        We create drums with recycled PVC tubes,
        used drum heads, cord and colorful paint. 

        Pet-sticks (wooden poles with recycled lids).
        They are easy to make and transport, they sound
        great and allow us to move any way we like.

        They also make great visual props!

        And of course everything you make will be yours
        to keep.



                                                        © PerkImBa