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 PerkImBa Cia

The PerkImBa company consists of dancers, musicians and actors. All with extensive experience in both teaching and scenic countryside.

They have training in multiple artistic disciplines and they have in common in their training PerkImBa.

Their function within the company is essential, both interpretive level in shows and training workshops PerkImBa.


Cia PerkImBa Members

Juliette Louste

Ona Marco

Roser Navarro

Vivien Hochstätter

Tura Gómez


Other artists have passed by us, and we know that is possible to get a new opportunity to rejoin in the future shows or PerkImBa project.







             Ilona Muñoz

             Olga Santín


             Laura Dorna

             Toni Mas

             Alyssa Hochstätter




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